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Book of Scots Bird Names

8th August 2013

A welcome addition to studies of Scots language word stock is Robin Jacksons A Guide to Scots Bird Names. This was first published in 1996 but has now been thoroughly revised with many names added for the first time in fact there are almost 1000 names contained in the book. The book is a handy guide at 44 pages and is beautifully illustrated by leading bird illustrator Mike Langman, with design by Harry Scott. The first section consists of an origin of names, with some comment on habitat and behaviour and then an easy to read Scots-English vocabulary for quick reference. The main portion of the book consists of an English-Scots vocabulary, not only with illustrations of the birds, but also with quotations mostly in Scots from well known writers, past and present. This book will prove of interest not only to ornithologists, but to anyone with an interest in the natural world, to those with an interest in the Scots language generally, and could easily provide the basis for a school project combining geography, language, and nature studies. If you would like to order the Guide directly the price is 8.75 (6.95 plus 1.80 postage and packing) with cheques made payable to Ptarmigan Press. Please send your order to Ptarmigan Press, 4 Deeview Gardens, Drumoak, Banchory, Aberdeenshire, AB31 5AF.