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19th Doric Festival

27th September 2012

Once again the Doric Festival is upon us. Begun in 1994 by Gordon District Council, the festival was originally intended as a unique event but is now entering its 19th season and still going strong. A range of events will be on offer over the coming weeks, organised by, and open to, people from all walks of life who have come together to celebrate the cultural traditions of North East Scotland. Whether you like music, song, poetry, ballads, dancing, or other art forms, there is bound to be something for everyone. At the centre of this celebration of North East life is, of course, the North East dialect of Scots, affectionately known as The Doric, spoken by hundreds of thousands of people as their mother tongue. If you would like to go along to any events, please check the SLC calendar, or enquire with the festival organisers at or phone 01771 653320. Alternatively, ye might like to visit the festival website at