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New novel in Scots

10th November 2011

A new novel in Scots has recently been written by Wulf Kurtoglu. Entitled ‘Braken Fences’ the cover explains the story: ‘In a near future whan the tulyie atween rationalism an releegious fundamentalism haes been focht tae a staunstill, Braken Fences explores themes o identity, allegiance an freedom. Yince again there blank areas on the map. Ayont the parteetioned Borders, genetic experiments haes altered human senses, an Neanderthals mells wi bandits an Buddhist monks in the muntains o Central Asia. The scene is set for a tale o adventure an romance, and for the discovery, at lang last, o whit wey the Neanderthals dee’d oot.

As the cover states, this is ‘a bold uise o the Scots tongue tae express cultures an langages faur hyne frae Scotlan’. The book is published by Caroline Macafee at and is also available in an English version as Broken Fences.