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Jhone Angus and the Wode Psalter

9th August 2011

If you have an interest in Scottish history, in 16th century music, and the Scots language, then the work of Jhone Angus and Thomas Wode is worth a look. Angus, who was a monk at Dunfermline Abbey, was also a composer and he adpated to the Reformation of 1560 by composing new music that could be sung by Scots speakers. Indeed, this work throws light on the cultural world of the 16th century Scots speaker. His friend, Thomas Wode of St Andrews, produced a collection of this Scottish and other European music in a work known as the Wode Psalter. Beatifully illustrated, the psalter has been digitised by the University of Edinburgh and is part of a display at the university main library during 6 August to 28 October.

Jamie Reid-Baxter, Michael Lynch and Patricia Dennison have produced a volume relating to this work called 'Jhone Angus, Monk of Dunfermline, and Scottish Reformation Music'. This comes with a CD of the music and costs £25. If you would like to order a copy please contact