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Scots Warks Ootset


Scots Warks Ootset

2nd September 2021

The Centre for the Scots Leid haes noo estaiblisht a wabsteid for tae furder leeteracy in Scots amang adults. Wi uphaud fae the Scots Government, the new steid, cryed Scots Warks, haes its oreeginal in the stoushie anent Wikipedia back in 2020. Syne a puckle airtists an screivars cam forrit speirin aboot a wark that micht cuid airt fowk the richt gait, sae faur as took tae dae wi eediom an spellings. While the’r fowk eneuch that speaks the leid ilka day, faur less fowk is versant in the wrutten leid. A wheen o screivars cam thegither unner Dr Sara Thomas, o Wikipedia UK, for tae gie uphaud tae thaim that listit tae dae rewrites o Wikipedia intries an sae the wark haes gane bonnily on. Oot o this wis born the text o Scots Warks, wrutten bi sindry screivars jynt like wi the SLC’s Officer for Education, Laura Green, an syne set ower in Scots bi the SLC’s Officer for Langage & Lare, Dr Dauvit Horsbroch. The full text o hit can be seen for free at an haes intil’t the sindry screivings an wicelike words o Antonia Uri, Christie Williamson, Emma Grae, Gerda Stevenson, Iona Fyfe, Martin Travers, Dr Michael Dempster, Morna Young, Susi Briggs, an Laura Green.

Forby the wrutten guide, the sindry airtists an screivars leetit abuin haes pit thegither a screed o videos speakin anent the maiter o leeteracy. Thir videos will hae thair first ootset on Friday 3 September 2021 at bi gait o Youtube, stertin at 7pm, an syne will bide at whaur fowk will can clap on an tak a swatch in time tae come.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

The’r nae version o this story in Soothron.