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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Scotland's songs

An excellent way to use Scots using an inter-disciplinary learning approach. 

Using this resource, formerly hosted by Education Scotland, learners will explore the different songs and find out about traditional songs and music; themes in Scottish music; and Scotland's instruments, like the bagpipes and the clarsach.

Theres a short introduction to each song or tune, along with lyrics, musical notation, and of course an audio clip featuring the song.


Learners may wish to:

  • learn the lyrics to a traditional song and perform it for the class or at a school assembly;

  • look up unfamiliar words using the Scots Dictionary for Schools app;

  • listen to the music and identify the instruments used;

  • compare traditional songs to modern music and discuss the differences;

  • write some lyrics of their own, using Scots;

  • involve their relatives by finding out which Scottish songs are familiar to them.