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Parliamentary Motions 2018

Motion S5M-12847: Jenny Gilruth, Mid Fife and Glenrothes, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 18/06/2018

Rotary Awards 

That the Parliament congratulates all of the winners at the annual awards ceremony at the Rotary Club of Glenrothes, which were presented on 31 May 2018; acknowledges that the awards saw pupils from the area's primary and high schools presented with certificates, trophies and prizes; recognises the fantastic achievement of pupils from Collydean Primary School, who won the inaugural Scots Poetry Competition, which was established in memory of Ian Chalmers, who was the founder member of the Rotary; congratulates Markinch primary on winning the Primary School Quiz; welcomes Anne Sampson as the club's incoming President; recognises the fantastic work that the Rotarians do for the people of Glenrothes, and wishes the club every success.


Motion S5M-12041: Maurice Corry, West Scotland, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Date Lodged: 02/05/2018

Fiddler Ryan Young Wins Best Musician at BBC Radio 2 Folking Awards 

That the Parliament congratulates the Cardross-based fiddler, Ryan Young, on winning the BBC Radio 2 Folking Awards' Best Musician category; understands that Ryan faced internationally-renowned competition at the annual awards ceremony in Belfast, securing over a third of the votes; notes that he was previously named Up and Coming Artist of the Year at the 2016 MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards, and wishes him every success for his upcoming 2018 tour, at which he will appear throughout the UK and Europe.


Motion Number S5M-10991: Bill Kidd, Glasgow Anniesland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 13/03/18

Politics of Language

That the Parliament condemns Dame Louise Casey for her reported suggestion that the UK Government set a target date for everyone in the UK to speak English; considers that Dame Casey’s proposal for “everyone to speak one language” in the UK is inherently offensive to Scotland as a multi-cultural and multilingual society; further considers that this suggestion is an implicit threat to the Gaelic and Scots languages, as well as the other minority languages of the UK including Irish, Welsh, and Cornish, and also those communities where such languages as Urdu and Polish may be spoken; considers this proposal to be problematic as it implies that the other nations in the UK do not have equal status; condemns Mark Harper MP for welcoming what it believes is this chauvinistic suggestion, and reaffirms the Parliament’s commitment to protect and celebrate diversity.


Motion S5M-10097: Emma Harper, South Scotland, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 24/01/2018

Workshops on the Scots Language and History Marking Burns Night in Dumfries 

That the Parliament congratulates Dumfries and Annan museums on marking Robert Burns' birthday by holding a series of workshops for school children across Dumfries and Galloway to learn about the Scots language, which have been held between 16 and 23 January 2018; notes that the workshops were hosted with Dr Fred Freeman, whose background is in Scottish literature and history; understands that the workshops focused on Scots language and the energy of Burns’ compositions, and taught children about types of dance, such as hornpipes, jigs and reels; further understands that children discovered “mouth music” and “diddling” and also learned about how today’s language originates from centuries ago; celebrates the significance of the workshops being held in Dumfries, and that Robert Burns wrote almost 100 of his songs; further celebrates the importance of teaching children about the history of Burns' country, which influences their culture and language, and wishes Dumfries and Annan museums well with future projects.