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Braw Brew

Scots writer Liz Niven created this resource for children as part of Dumfries and Galloway’s bi-centenary Burns celebrations. ‘A Braw Brew’ contains 24 short stories, four of which were recorded for an accompanying CD. Three of these stories have now been digitized and are available here as a high quality audio resource.

Teacher notes accompany ‘It’s Virtual Reality, but’ and ‘Katey and the Rat King’.  Originally aimed at 10-15 year olds, the stories will be enjoyed by many age groups and may also be useful to older learners of Scots.

Click on the PDFs below to read the stories.

The Scots Language Centre is grateful to Liz Niven for giving permission to reproduce this material here.


It’s Virtual Reality, but

by Liz Niven

'It's Virtual Reality, but'


Katey and the Rat King

by W. N. Herbert

'Katey and the Rat King'


Daft Jackie

by James McGonigal

'Daft Jackie'