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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Free resources for teachers

Within Scots Language Centre website there are a many pages which teachers may find helpful when delivering lessons which include an element of Scots language. Within Watching and Listening there are links to free audio or video resources. There are a large number of downloadable documents to read within Reading and Exploring, covering many subject areas. We have links to Former Features which have appeared previously on the home page, many of which contain both downloadable documents along with audio or video content.

For a quick reference guide to the dialects of Scots, complete with dialect maps, please download the PDF file below.

The Scots Language Centre has gathered a large collection of language related photographs on Flickr. Each image is provided with explanations of the Scots words used.
Scots Language Centre Flickr photostream

The Scots Language Centre Youtube channel contains videos of poetry readings and interviews with writers, teachers and other people who use Scots language. The channel also provides several playlists of videos from other channels which have some Scots language content.