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This train disna stop at Glesga!

I wis on the train fae Lithgae tae Glesga the ither week an I noticed that mair stations on the Embra – Glesga line haes signs wi Gaelic vairsions o their names. This follaes on fae the signs pit up the year afore last at Lithgae an ither stations on the route. 

Noo, naethin wrang wi haein multi-lingual signs but whit wey is it that the ye canna see the names fowk actually yaise in the places the train passes throu. Fawkirk, Lithgae, Glesga are fine Scots names. They come oot o fowk’s mooths every day o the year but some hou or ither they’re nae seen tae be fit tae be pitten on signs. Whit wey no? Is it because the fowk at Transport Scotland think Scots is common an nae a richt language for signs? 

I canna say for shair but whit I’m minded on is the story aboot the Welsh Cooncil that years syne wadna answer a letter that had been sent tae it in Welsh but wis happy tae reply tae the same letter whan it wis sent in French. According tae campaigners, French wis seen as 'posh' an therefore legitimate, Welsh even tho it wis spoken by maist residents in the Cooncil area wis gien nae cuttins by the local authority an cuid be ignored. Is this whit we’re seein the day wi railway signs in the Scots speakin airts? 

Is it time somebodie at Transport Scotland tellt us hou this policy wis developed? An can we hear mair aboot whit consultation it haes cairried oot wi local communities on whit languages tae include an whit anes tae leave oot fae its new signs?