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Scots Poetry during Lockdoon

Whilst day to day life is affected by the health and safety precautions being taken in response to Covid 19 many people are responding in Scots poetry.  Here we gather together the poetry in Scots during this period.

Cateran Ecomuseum based in the lands around the river Tay are sharing audio readings of one hundred poems in their #Cateran100 project.  Many are in Scots.  These can be heard here.  New poems are shared through their Twitter account @CateranEco

A Plague of Poetry is a video project by Hugh McMillan who lives and works in Penpont in Dumfries and Galloway.  New videos of many popular Scottish poets reading there work are included, often these are in Scots.  New poems are shared through Hugh's twitter account @shugmcmillan

Luminate : Scotland's creative aging organisation are running an online project Postcards of You, lead by poet Stuart Paterson.  “Makar Stuart Paterson invites ye tae come awa in fir a blether, whaur he’ll advise on scrievin, makkin an sendin a Postcaird of Yirsel tae thon wha’ll be missin yer tales, yer wirds and yer ain vyce.”  More of Stuart Paterson's poems can be seen at hi youtube channel here.

Mind Yer Language? are producing videos reading of Esope's Fabilis translated into Scots by 15th Century Makar Robert Henryson.  These are available here.  New videos will be announced on Twitter @DrMDempster

Individual poems


Scottish Makar Jackie Kay has written a poem for key workers called Essential



STV broadcast Tae A Virus read by Maggie Burns recited 'Tae a Virus', at Heatherfield Care Home in West Lothian


“When the lockdown is lifted and stayin’ in isnae a must, I’ll tell you something petal, you’ll no see me for dust”

Seven year-old Amari brings us a poem about lockdown to lift the spirits. #TheNine

— The Nine (@BBCScotNine) May 7, 2020


Seven year old Amari performed a poem on BBC Scotland's The Nine 




Poet Tracy Harvey wrote IT'S NO POTATO IT'S TATTIE