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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid


The Scots Language Centre is marking Lent and Easter with a series of specially selected readings from the Scots New Testament. The Greek scholar William Lorimer spent the last ten years of his life  working on this project. Each Gospel has a different form of Scots to  match the different forms of Greek used by the various apostles and  scribes, and the vigour and immediacy of the language is everywhere apparent. Transcribed, edited and published by his son Robin Lorimer, this scholarly and dramatically fresh reading of an already  familiar text caused a sensation when it first appeared in 1983.  Readings will appear on the web site from Ash Wednesday until Easter Sunday.

This feature is supported by the W L Lorimer Memorial Trust.

Follow the links for each of the gospel readings for each day.

Ash Wednesday

The First Sunday in Lent

The Second Sunday in Lent

The Third Sunday in Lent

The Fourth Sunday in Lent

The Fifth Sunday in Lent

Palm Sunday

Holy Thursday

Good Friday