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Scots Treats for Children

2nd November 2015

Children are in for a bumper treat this season as Black and White Publishing have released a handful of new paperbacks in Scots. The first work is a translation of Billionaire Boy, originally written by David Walliams, and now in a Scots version – Billionaire Bairn -by Matthew Fitt of Itchy Coo and illustrated by Tony Ross. It tells the story of the boy who had it all – money, a butler, his own bowling alley and cinema, but who most wanted the thing money could not buy – a friend. The paperback is priced £6.99 (ISBN 9781845029951).


Also available are four versions of The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson now translated into dialects of the Scots language. There is The Doric Gruffalo, by Sheena Blackhall (ISBN 978 1 78350 004 2), Thi Dundee Gruffalo, by Matthew Fitt (ISBN 9781 78530 005 9), The Orkney Gruffalo, by Simon W Hall (ISBN 978 1 78530 006 6), and The Shetland Gruffalo, by Laureen Johnson (ISBN 978 1 78530 007 3). Each of the authors reflect the unique speech of the regional dialects and input their own style to the story, giving it a distinct Scottish twist.  Each book is paperback and priced £6.99.



If you would like to order any of the above, or have any queries relating to the publications, please contact Megan Duff at Black and White Publishing in Edinburgh either by e-mail or by phone on 0131 625 4500.