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Scots Christmas Activities

Christmas is an excellent opportunity to use Scots with your learners. Some schools use Scots nativity plays, sing Scots versions of popular Christmas songs or create Christmas cards using Scots.

Younger learners can listen to Susan Rennie reading an extract from her story, ‘12 Days o Yule’, watch and listen to the Doric version of the Nativity, or learn the lyrics to ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. Also available is 'The Nicht Afore Christmas' published in 2020 by Tippermuir Books. 

Older learners will enjoy creating their own wordcloud, using the Historical Thesaurus of Scots to search for the many words we have for ‘snow’, or using Rab Wilson’s ‘Lorry Load o Christmas trees’ or William Letford’s ‘This Is It’ as stimulus for writing their own Christmas poem or prose in Scots. You can also view William Letford reading his poem here

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