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Marion MacLean of Eoligarry (Set)


Marion MacLean of Eoligarry (Set)

This track is from the 2007 album Enjoy The Ride, from the National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music, Sgoil Chiùil na Gàidhealtachd, Plockton.

The tunes are 'Marion MacLean of Eoligarry' by Colin Melville, 'Snow on the Hills' (traditional), 'Paddy McCarthy's' (traditional) and 'The High Drive' by Gordon Duncan.

The musicians are Rachel Lincoln, Stephanie Harris and Aoife MacLeod.

They explain that this group was specially put together for the school’s 2006 showcase. It took them weeks and weeks of practising and, 'We really enjoyed playing this together… just not having to tune 102 strings before we did!'

Listen to the 'Marion MacLean of Eoligarry' set, played on three clarsachs.