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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Watching and Listening

Links to pages where Scots language can be listened to or watched on video.

Listen to dialects Speech samples from across Scotland

Listen to samples of speech from Doric speakers.

History of Scotland's Royal Dynasties in Scots language

New Testament in Scots - a different new reading every week and previous readings readily available in archive

Proverbs With an archive of previous proverbs

Scots language radio - a new episode every month

A lecture on the history of the Scots language

An infographic video on the history of the Scots language

Peter Rabbit translated and read here by Lynn McGeachie

Scots song (edited by Steve Byrne) includes sections on the language of Scots song, types of song and audio or video examples of song from various areas of Scotland. There are also numerous links to song collections elsewhere online.

Scots language lesson delivery videos in Shetland

Ghost stories in modern Scots by Alan Bissett

Shetland songs
Gear Box

North East songs
Chokit on a Tattie
Farm Girl

Eneados By Gavin Douglas, parts 1 and 2, read by Rab Wilson.