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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Learning Resources to use at home

There are lots of fun and engaging Scots language resources to keep you and your wee yins busy while they are continuing their learning at home.


Ages 3 - 6

Play the Scots Language Centre games - including Morag’s Croft, Grand Plans, Make a Face and Wee Hoose - to learn Scots vocabulary.

Scottish Book Trust’s Bookbug app has Scots favourites such as ‘Shooglie Wooglie’, ‘Katie Bairdie’, ‘Ye Cannae Shove Yer Granny Aff a Bus’ and ‘Ally Bally’.

Matthew Fitt’s website ‘Scots Hoose’ features a free downloadable story called ‘Jordan’s New Jaiket’ and a video of Susi Briggs reading her original story, 'Yum'. 


Ages 6 – 10

Play the Scots Language Centre ‘Pop the Balloons’ and ‘Pairs’ games to learn Scots vocabulary, and complete the Crosswords to learn words from different dialects.

Take a quiz and create a comic on the ‘Oor Wullie guide tae Scots Language’ site.

Download a Scots glossary from Kelpies publishing to help children explore Scots in their creative writing.

Read and listen to a huge range of poems and stories from The Kist resource, and complete the activities.

Read the ‘Bad Broonie’ comic, free to download from the ‘Scots in Schools’ site.


Ages 10 – 13

Watch the Tam O’Shanter animation and then test your knowledge and understanding of the poem.

Find the Scots name for your town on the Scots map and make your Scots sign for your town or street.

Listen to Alan Bissett tell some ghost stories in Scots.

Complete some of the activities from National Library of Scotland’s ‘Wee Windaes’ site:

The Deil in Scotland has a writing activity for Primary learners and a reading activity for Secondary learners.

The Mary Symon resource has a series of questions and activities that help explore what life was like during WW1.

The Alexander Rodger resource features some creative writing prompts and vocabulary


Age 13+

Read and listen to some Scots texts on our games site, then test your understanding of them.

Read James Robertson’s collection, ‘The Mannie & Ither Stories’ , free to download from ASLS.

Explore the Scots Syntax Atlas, where you can look at how word order differs in Scots across different parts of the country.

Watch the ‘Sharleen: Ah’m Shy’ video from the ‘Scots in Schools’ site and read the YA short story, 'HOAST'. 



                Complete the Open University course on Scots Language and Culture

                Explore SCOTS – The Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

                Listen to Scots radio


For further help and guidance in learning Scots language at home, email us at and follow our Education account on Twitter @LairnScots.

Image courtesy of Stewart Bremner