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Introduction to Report

Since the introduction of English conventions of spelling to Scotland – much of it inappropriate to a Scots-speaking population – the resulting confusion has led to a variety of spellings in Scots writing.

In 1996 a number of Scots language organisations and writers in Scots held an open meeting in Perth to discuss the issue of Scots spelling. The general idea was to bring about agreement regarding spelling common Scots forms, particularly for narrative and expository prose.

As a result of this meeting a committee was appointed to try and achieve this aim, which met during the period 1996-1998. The committee comprised Alasdair Allan, Andy Eagle, John Law, Iseabail Macleod, J Derrick McClure, Liz Niven, George Philp, David Purves and John Tait, though Macleod, Niven, Philp and Purves eventually disagreed and no longer wished to be associated with the committee.

A Report was published in 1998 which was published in Lallans in 2000 and subsequently formed the basis of ongoing debate and amendments. The Report itself is not claimed as a definitive document but its authors hope that it will provide guidance in relation to the more common word stock in Scots. The Scots Language Centre advances no opinions regarding the Report but presents it here as a matter of public record.