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Scots have always enjoyed a good wedding. Not so long ago weddings in Scotland could last for days. Nowadays weddings are probably a bit smaller than some were 40 or 50 years ago. But they are always special occasions and provide an opportunity to celebrate the most intimate and close relationships.

Some of the traditions we associate with weddings in Scotland are surprisingly modern. Kilts for example, now de rigeur for male  guests – at least those most closely connected to the bride and groom – weren’t always the common form of dress at Scottish weddings. Nowadays many people think the cusom dates back centuries.

Indeed, weddings themselves are a fairly recent phenomenon. Many people didn’t marry in church in spite of what we might now imagine. And outside the property owning class weddings could often be very informal affairs without legal commitments.

We do know that nowadays people want to find ways to make the most of their big day. Scots language poems and readings from the New Testament in Scots can help give your wedding a really authentic Scottish feel whether you are having a religious or civil ceremony.

The Scots Language Centre has selected some of the best love poems in Scots – old and new – to help you express your feelings at your marriage. There are poems suitable for everyone, no matter your status or background. Have a look over them and see if there is something that suits. We’re sure you’ll find an appropriate verse.

If you’re having a religious wedding you can chose readings from the New Testament in Scots. You can use the recordings on that page or if possible get a friend or relative to read from the book itself.  

You can also find here a wedding service in Scots specifically designed for use in the Church of Scotland. Remember too that civil weddings can be performed in Scots. Fiona and Colin from Aberdeen had their wedding in Scots and you can watch a video of it to see how it went. Have a hankie handy though because you could end up with a tear in your eye!  

Anyway, if you’re planning your big day and want to use any of the material from this site please feel free to copy and paste. And remember we’d be pleased to help you if you’d like to use Scots in your wedding ceremony. Contact us for advice and information at