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Iseabail's list of literature in Scots language

Collections of Modern Scots

Fenton, James (2000) Thonner an Thon. An Ulster Scots Collection, Belfast: Ullans Press. Poetry and prose in Ulster Scots.

MacCallum Neil R and Purves, David eds (1995) New Makars: An Anthology of Twenty-One Years of Writing in Lallans, Edinburgh: Mercat Press. A collection, mainly of fiction and poetry, reprinted from Lallans magazine.

Montgomery, Michael  and Smyth, Anne eds(2003) A Blad o Ulster-Scotch frae Ullans, Belfast: Ullans Press.
Robertson, James ed (1994) A Tongue in yer Heid. Edinburgh: B & W Publishing. A collection of short stories in Scots by prominent authors.

SCOTS: Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech:   The project aims to build a large electronic collection of both written and spoken texts for the languages of Scotland, currently concentrating on Scottish English and Scots texts.
Scotstext  A repository of traditional literature in the language of Lowland Scotland.   

Tocher  Transcribed speech, tales and songs from the collections of the School of Scottish Studies.

Alexander, William (1871) Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk : in the parish of Pyketillim ; with glimpses of the parish politics about A.D. 1843, Aberdeen: Robert Walker, Lewis Smith; ed William Donaldson, reprinted by Tuckwell Press, East Linton, 1995.  (North-East Scots).

Donaldson, William (1989) The Language of the People: Scots Prose from the Victorian Revival, Aberdeen University Press. Articles, including fiction from 19th-century  Scottish newspapers.

Donovan, Anne (2003) Buddha Da,  Edinburgh: Canongate. Tale of a Glasgow family in strange circumstances, with much Glasgow Scots.

Fitt, Matthew (2001) But n ben a-go-go, Edinburgh: Luath Press. The first full-length novel written entirely in Scots; a sci-fi story of a futuristic Scotland. Scots is creatively used, but reflects the author's Dundee origins.  

Gibbon, Lewis Grassic A Scots Quair Edinburgh: Canongate Classics. Trilogy, consisting of Sunset Song (1932), Cloud Howe (1933) and Grey Granite (1934) on the life of Chris Guthrie in the North-East in the early 20th-century; Scots is interwoven in the English of the text.

McLellan, Robert (1990) Linmill Stories Edinburgh: Canongate. Fictionalised account in Scots of the author's boyhood on his grandfather's Lanarkshire farm in the early 20th century.

Robertson, James (2000) The Fanatic, London: Fourth Estate. A tale of the Covenanters of the 17th century, with much dialogue in modern Central Scots.
Welsh, Irvine (1993) Trainspotting, London: Secker & Warburg.  A novel graphically depicting the drug scene in Edinburgh, with vivid urban Scots, especially in the dialogue.


Annand, J K (1998) Bairn Rhymes, Edinburgh: Mercat Press.  A collection of poems in Scots for young children.

Burns, Robert Poems and Songs  Oxford paperback, from James Kinsley's 1968  3-vol Oxford English Texts edition. (Ayrshire Scots).

Fergusson, Robert (2000) Selected Poems edited by James Robertson, Edinburgh: Birlinn. Poems in Scots and English by the great eighteenth-century poet, who died so tragically young. (Edinburgh Scots).

Garioch, Robert (2000) Collected Poems edited by Robin Fulton, Edinburgh: Polygon. Poems by one of the foremost poets in Scots of the mid twentieth century. (Edinburgh Scots)

Leonard, Tom (1984) Intimate Voices: Writing 1965-83, Newcastle upon Tyne: Galloping Dog Press. (Glasgow Scots)(2004)    access to the silence (Poems 1984-2004). Buckfastleigh: Etruscan Books. (Glasgow Scots)

MacDiarmid, Hugh (2004) Selected Poetry  edited by Michael Grieve and Alan Riach, Manchester: Carcanet.
Mackie, Alastair (1980) Back-green Odyssey and other poems, Aberdeen: Rainbow Books.  (North-East Scots)

Morgan, Edwin  (1996) Collected Translations, Manchester: Carcanet. Includes Scots translations from Mayakovsky, Pushkin, Leopardi, Heine and others. (Glasgow Scots)

Soutar, William (1999) A bairn's sang and other Scots verse for children edited by Tom Hubbard (1999), Edinburgh: Mercat Press. Poems for children by the Perth poet, who died in 1943.

Voices from their ain Countrie: The Poems of Marion Angus and Violet Jacob (2006) edited by Katherine Gordon, Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies. New collection of two early 20th-century poets who wrote much in Scots. (North-East, Angus Scots)


Bryden, Bill (1972) Willie Rough, Edinburgh: Southside. Set in the Clyde shipyards around World War I.  

Byrne, John (1997) The Slab Boys, London: Faber & Faber. Trilogy about young people in a Paisley carpet factory in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Campbell, Donald (1976) The Jesuit, Edinburgh: Paul Harris. Religious bigotry in 17th-century Glasgow.

Corbett, John and Findlay, Bill eds (2005) Serving Twa Maisters: Five Classic Plays in Scots Translation, Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies. Translations by Robert Kemp (from Molire), Douglas Young (from Aristophanes), Victor Carin (from Goldoni), Hector MacMillan (from Molire) and Peter Arnott (from Brecht).

Lochhead, Liz (1985) Tartuffe a translation into Scots from the original by Molire, Edinburgh: Polygon.(West-Central Scots)

McLellan, Robert  (1980) Collected Plays, London: Calder. Includes Torwatletie, Jamie the Saxt, The Flouers o Edinburgh, The Carlin Moth, The Changeling. The Flouers o Edinburgh gives an amusing picture of the efforts of the rising middle class in 18th-century Scotland to rid their speech of Scots features.

Morgan, Edwin (1992) Edmond Rostands Cyrano de Bergerac:  a new verse translation,  Manchester: Carcanet. (Glasgow Scots)    
                            (2000) Jean Racines Phaedra: a tragedy : a new verse translation of Phdre, Manchester: Carcanet. (Glasgow Scots)
Stewart, Ena Lamont (1986) Men Should Weep,  Edinburgh: 7.84 Publications. The struggles of a family in 1930s Glasgow.