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Scots bird names diminutives

Many bird names in Scotland are shortened and given an 'ie' suffix. The folowing list are some of the examples given in the attached interview.  

Shortie - short-eared owl
Shelfie - chaffinch
Blackie - blackbird
Bullie - bullfinch
Skittery feltie - mistle thrush
Corbie - raven
Cushie or cushie doo - wood pigeon
Hoodie - crow
Stankie or water hen - moorhen
Jaickie - jackdaw
Weetie - willow warbler
Phasie - pheasant
Blue-dykie - dunnock
Cuttie wren - wren
Lintie - linnet
Goldie - goldfinch
Greenie - greenfinch
Mavie - song thrush
Peasie - lapwing
Mossie - meadow pipit
Stuckie - starling