Scots within the curriculum

28th February 2008


Anyone with an interest will doubtless wish to scrutinise the Curriculum for Excellence website which contains an online version of the ‘Literacy and English document’ which also mentions the Scots language. There are a few references to Scots, or, at least, to Scottish texts, within the document ‘Full outcomes for Literacy and English’. Any mention of the Scots language in the Curriculum is more than welcome, but in this instance it is not always clear whether ‘Scottish texts’ and Scots can be taken to mean the same thing. Also, quite a few individuals have inquired why Scots is added under the heading ‘English’. After all, our other language, Scottish Gaelic, doesn’t come under the heading of ‘Irish’. Without doubt, such irregularities will disappear as educationalists make more progress and they must be congratulated for now taking notice of the language. Anyone who wishes to take part in the questionnaire regarding ‘Literacy and English’ – and contribute opinions about either language – should follow this link: