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Burns in Silesian

20th October 2016


Recently a new translation of works by Robert Burns appeared in Poland in the Silesian language. Silesian is a Slavic language influenced by German and is spoken by some 510,000 people in Poland and the Czech Republic. Silesian translator and writer Mirosław Syniawa has now produced a book of translations of Robert Burns (1759-1796) called Wiersze I Śpiywki Roberta Burnsa which includes such classic verse as To a Mouse, To a Louse, Address to a Haggis, Auld Lang Syne, and Tam o Shanter.

Wiersze I Śpiywki Roberta Burnsa is 150pp and available in paperback from publishers Silesia Progress and is priced £5. For more information about this work, the author, and obtaining copies please contact the publisher Mr P Dlugosz at .