Allt Darrarie

17th May 2011

Burn of the Stunning Noise, Glen Muick

Slaverin, slubberin, gibberin, gabberin,
Roon wi a wallop, a sklyter, a sweel,
Yonder's the burn, in its bairnhood, it's blabberin
Heich-lowpin puddock, wi virr in its heel!
Bellied an dauchlin, it's tashed an it's trauchlin,
Beached in a bog, like a Biblical whale;
Hashin an dashin, it's up an it's clashin,
Skelpit an skytin, like chaff frae the flail.
Come the fey nicht, fin the gloamin is glysterie,
Lang as a note on a tenuous string;
Black as a swan o immaculate mystery.
Doon rowes the burn, on a sang an a wing.
Dulcet as Chopin, Menuhin, Beethoven,
Jinkie's Stravinsky, as breengin as Bach.
Syne, wid I bide b' it, thirled an tied tae it,
Drink o its music a strang willie-waucht!